Case Studies & Testimonials

Dr Alison Graham, Consultant Physician, National Spinal Injury Centre, Stoke Mandivelle

“Rehabilitation after spinal cord injury is changing. No longer is it enough to complete an initial programme after injury and expect that to last a lifetime. Someone with a complete injury needs to protect themselves from long-term secondary complications, there is a great need for ongoing rehabilitation programmes like the one that Neurokinex offers.”

Dr Aruna Mahtani, Clinical Psychologist T6 incomplete SCI

“The professional and tailored programmes that Neurokinex offer provide a unique and much needed service to improve both the physical and psychological state of this particular patient group where depression is very common.”

Julia, mother of Jonny, C5 Complete SCI

“A wonderful find for us. The skilled and dedicated team, with their array of state-of-the-art equipment continually push Jonny. He goes from strength to strength. It’s the highlight of his week."

Luke T12 incomplete SCI

“The activity based rehabilitation programme at Neurokinex is an important part of my lifestyle – without access to it, I would have to travel abroad for this type of rehabilitation which is just not practical considering my commitments in the UK.”

David Bracher, Vocational Support Manager at the Spinal Injuries Association

“My rehab as an outpatient at the spinal unit was excellent. However, after discharge there are limited options to further maximise recovery and improve health and wellbeing. Facilities like Neurokinex are prepared to think laterally to challenge people to do and achieve more through high quality rehab and exercise in a safe and supportive environment."

Lukhdeep, T6 Incomplete SCI

“Taking part in the rehabilitation programme at Neurokinex is one of the best decisions I have made since my injury twenty years ago. The specialised equipment is amazing and the support and motivation from the team of therapists is outstanding, helping me improve both mentally and physically.”

Ed Clifton

"I’ve been training at the Watford facility since February 2016 with the aim of becoming as independent as possible. Since then, I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in my strength and movement. There’s a fantastic range of equipment on offer, including the Vector bodyweight support system. I was unable to find anywhere else that compared. Thanks to my rehabilitation, I am now planning to compete again in bodybuilding."

James Taylor

“Neurokinex has surpassed my expectations and I only wish I knew about it earlier.”