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Training with Us


We combine Intensive Activity Based Rehabilitation (ABR) techniques with maintenance programmes to achieve two main goals:
To intensively stimulate the whole body to work as one unit again and, if possible, to re-establish some form of a link or pathway between the paralysed and functioning parts of the body.

To improve and maintain the body’s condition as much as possible to allow the client to be stronger, fitter and more independent.

Who We Help

Paralysis, whether as a result of traumatic or a non-traumatic event, is life changing.
Here are some of the conditions with which we help our clients:

Gold Medal Winning Paralympian, David Smith MBE

Award-winning approach

Award-winning approach

We focus on maximising recovery through our science-led activity-based rehabilitation programmes.

We use a variety of weight-bearing activities, balance and stand training, gait and locomotor training, electrical stimulation, upper and lower body ergometry, vibration therapy and strength training.

Our skilled trainers combine expertise including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, personal training, exercise physiology and strength and conditioning coaching to devise task-specific exercises and activities to help restore function and independence.

Sarah, C5 SCI

What are the benefits?

Our Intensive Rehabilitation and maintenance programmes combine to offer participants a multitude of benefits including improvements in:

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