Rob defies his paralysis to qualify as a solicitor with Osborne Clarke

Paralysed from the neck down aged 19 following a car accident, Rob is able only to shrug his shoulders and turn his head, relies on a ventilator to breathe and needs round-the-clock care.  Rob has the highest level injury of all Neurokinex clients. Despite his extraordinary physical challenges, he stayed true to his plan to study politics and philosophy at the University of Bristol and apply for the vacation scheme at Osborne Clarke.  He did so well there, the law firm sponsored his legal education and offered him a training contract when he graduated in 2017.

Rob needed some assistive software, a standing desk and a lot of support to study and work. It took him two and a half years to complete the two-year training as he works four days a week, leaving Friday for his specialist rehabilitation at Neurokinex. “Keeping up with my Neurokinex rehab was non-negotiable and without their expert help, I wouldn’t have been strong enough to complete my training and withstand the physical demands of the workplace,” says Rob.

“Thanks to the team at Neurokinex, I have strengthened my neck and shoulders which enables me to sit up straighter in my chair and stand for longer at my desk,” he says. “The Neurokinex team instilled in me the confidence and ability to study and work while the physical activity helps my mental release.

“Before my accident, I was very active and Neurokinex is like going to the gym for me: I feel good afterwards and it makes a really big difference.”

To anyone else who is facing similar challenges, Rob has this advice: “Accept things are going to be harder but they’re not impossible. It takes a lot of organising to keep on top of things but with the right level of support you can make it all work.”

Rob is an inspiration and shows that even with such a high-level injury, with the right therapy, you can improve your posture, endurance and stamina. And this, in turn, can lead to being able to fulfil work and other ambitions.

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