Rob defies his paralysis to qualifyOn 29th September 2018, life changed in an instant for Sarah, a fall from her horse while out riding on her family farm left her paralysed as a solicitor with Osborne Clarke

Despite wearing protective gear, a severe break in her neck resulted in damage to her spinal cord, requiring emergency surgery and an extended period in a coma. Following weeks of treatment at Addenbrookes Hospital and later at Stoke Mandeville, a specialist spinal cord injury hospital, Sarah embarked on a challenging rehabilitation journey.

Pioneering Rehabilitation and Personal Growth

During her time at Stoke Mandeville, Sarah learned about Neurokinex from a fellow patient. Recognising the importance of a seamless transition from hospital care to independent living, Sarah was referred to Neurokinex under the Step Up Scheme, providing her with six complimentary sessions. Neurokinex emerged as a ray of hope during a critical phase of her recovery.

Sarah’s rehabilitation at our Hemel Hempstead facility commenced immediately after her hospital discharge. Despite brief interruptions due to medical procedures and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sarah resumed her sessions in July 2020. Neurokinex’s combination of electrical muscle stimulation treatment and activity-based rehab program became the cornerstone of Sarah’s physical and mental transformation.

Sarah shares, “I managed three sessions before Christmas, and was instantly put at ease by the team. They were all so friendly, and it was great to be able to have something to focus on.”

Rebuilding Confidence in a “New Body”: Milestones of Independence

Sarah’s journey at Neurokinex not only strengthened her physically but also provided a significant boost to her mental wellbeing. Simple tasks, once taken for granted, became significant milestones of achievement. From brushing her daughters’ hair to independently enjoying a hot drink, Sarah’s newfound confidence in her “new body” is a testament to the effectiveness of Neurokinex’s innovative approach.

Sarah expresses the impact of Neurokinex in her own words, “What I love about Neurokinex is how the sessions make me feel. I’m so much stronger now, both physically and mentally.”

Looking Ahead: Inspiring Independence and Future Goals

As Sarah continues her rehabilitation journey, her focus remains on achieving independence, with the ultimate goal of regaining the ability to drive. This aspiration, driven by the desire to perform everyday tasks for her family, underscores the transformative impact of her Neurokinex therapy.

More recently, in September 2023, Sarah rowed an impressive 5000m in a supported standing position as a part of the Neurokinex Step Up Challenge to help raise funds to safeguard the Step Up Scheme so individuals can continue to access life-changing rehabilitation.

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