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Intensive Rehabilitation


Reframing recovery
Neurokinex Intensive Rehabilitation consists of a condensed series of Activity Based Rehabilitation (ABR) sessions designed to accelerate functional gains and independence after spinal cord injury. A successful strategy for both newly injured people and those with a long-established spinal cord injury, blocks of intensive rehabilitation activity bombard the central nervous system with input and maximise recovery of function by re-establishing some form of pathway between the paralysed and functioning parts of the body. Suitable for adults and children, Intensive Rehabilitation can also help people with the most severe types of spinal cord injuries.

Intensive Rehabilitation explained

Ninety-nine per cent of spinal cord injuries have spared nerve pathways that can be targeted - including those that have been classified as ‘complete’. Intensive Rehabilitation targets these spared nerve pathways to promote neuroplasticity, the spinal cord's ability to rewire and adapt.

Accelerating recovery can completely change the outlook for people after injury.

Intensive 3-Phase Programme

1. Intensive Recovery

2. Build & Sustain

3. Intensive Top Up

Intensive Rehabilitation accelerates:


Are you ready for a brighter future?
Intensive Rehabilitation has demonstrated that improvements in function and independence are possible long after injury, bringing fresh hope to people with a long-established spinal cord injury. Looking ahead, with science and technology rapidly evolving, the potential for recovery of function and independence among the spinal cord injured community has never been greater. Put simply, Intensive Rehabilitation can keep people in the best possible physical condition, ready for what is yet to come.

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