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Neurokinex Kids
Our goal

Our goal

Our goal is to get kids back to doing what they do best – having fun and exploring the world!

Studies have shown that the young are even more receptive to neurological rehabilitation than adults due to their greater neuroplasticity. In other words, they have a greater ability for their nervous system to change and adapt.
Our bespoke rehabilitation programmes suit a wide variety of paediatric conditions including:

We tailor our Activity-based Rehabilitation (ABR) programmes to suit children of all ages, often including forms of our ground-breaking Locomotor Training and Wide-pulse Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation protocols.

Our specially trained team works to make the children’s sessions feel more like fun than work.  Our purpose-built children’s unit at Gatwick is particularly geared towards creating this playground feeling, while the use of toys and games at Hemel and Bristol ensure the children’s sessions are playful to engage their attention and participation.

As with our adults’ programme, our activity-based rehabilitation techniques are tailored to each child’s needs.  The benefits of our programmes vary from child to child but include improved motor and sensory function, improved cardiovascular and pulmonary function, better bowel and bladder control, increased blood flow and circulation and improvements in skeletal, skin and muscle development and health.

Why ongoing rehab is important?

By participating in our cutting-edge Activity-based Rehabilitation programmes children living with paralysis can benefit from continuous improvement as well as promoting more normal growth and development. This in turn reduces the chances of secondary complications and the burden of care on their families.

Today’s injured toddlers could benefit from tomorrow’s neuroscience advances in treating paralysis – but only if we keep them physically and neurologically ready to make the most of future opportunities.

Funding support

Funding support 
At Neurokinex Kids we are proud to work with different partners who are able to support us with funding. We work with two key organisations who provide funding to help families pay for sessions, namely: Peter Harrison Foundation Community Fund and SCInergise.