Neurokinex Kids

The bespoke rehabilitation programmes we offer suit a wide variety of paediatric conditions including:

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Cerebral Palsy
      • Brain Injury
        • Stroke

Our Activity-based Rehabilitation (ABR) programmes include:


Locomotor Training –

aims to reawaken dormant nerve pathways by repetitively stimulating nerves and muscles in the lower body and thus retrain the spinal cord to ‘remember’ the pattern of walking. During the session the child is suspended in a harness above a treadmill and practises standing and stepping with the aid of expertly trained therapists.

Wide-pulse Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation –

a unique form of electrical stimulation that is administered as part of an activity during which electrodes are applied to paralysed muscles and stimulus is delivered to stimulate the spinal cord circuitry to reawaken or strengthen nerve pathways.

The benefits of ABR varies from child to child but can include improved motor and sensory function, cardiovascular & pulmonary function, bowel/bladder behaviour, blood flow/circulation, skin and muscle health and improved skeletal development and health.

Why is ongoing rehab important?

Our goal is to get kids back to doing what they do best – having fun and exploring the world!

Studies have shown that the young are even more receptive to neurological rehabilitation than adults due to their greater neuroplasticity, or in other words the ability for the nervous system to change and adapt.

By participating in our cutting edge Activity-based Rehabilitation programmes children living with paralysis can benefit from continuous improvement as well as promoting more normal growth and development. This in turn reduces the chances of secondary complications and the burden of care on their families.

Finally, today’s injured toddlers could benefit from tomorrow’s neuroscience advances in treating paralysis – but only if we keep them physically and neurologically ready to make the most of what’s around the corner.

Case Studies

Neurokinex Kids Fund

The Neurokinex Kids Fund (part of The Neurokinex Charitable Trust, Charity No 1169964) supports the following objectives:

  • To fund the purchase of latest neurological rehabilitative equipment
  • To provide bursaries to enable children to participate in our Activity-based Rehabilitation programmes