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making neurological rehabilitation accessible to all

Accessible to all

Our goal

Here at Neurokinex, we believe everyone with a spinal cord injury (SCI) has a right to specialist rehab within their community to enable them to maximise their function, independence, fitness and wellbeing.

However, access to specialist rehab after being discharged from hospital remains a postcode lottery with too few areas currently offering such services. All too often, people with a spinal cord injury are discharged home without continued access to the rehab they need to maximise their recovery and build on their abilities. To compound this, there is a growing trend that people with SCI are being discharged home before they are able to perform even the most fundamental tasks like transferring to and from their wheelchairs and self-care.

What happens WITH the right rehab?

If everyone with a SCI could access specialist rehab services, they could improve their function and independence in order to enjoy a much better quality of life and greater participation in society. Furthermore, their improved function, independence and fitness would reduce the health risks – and cost to the NHS – commonly associated with treating secondary complications. The cost associated with preventing secondary complications through access to rehab is far less than medical/hospital intervention and treatment of secondary complications.

What happens WITHOUT the right rehab?

People unable to access specialist spinal cord injury rehabilitation simply won’t be able to realise their full potential. They will be left more disabled, less independent and more prone to secondary complications such as pressure sores, bone fractures, muscle contractures, weight gain and depression. Furthermore, physical inactivity over long periods puts them at far greater risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and poor mental health which, in turn, will further burden healthcare services.

Everyone has a #Right2Rehab!

Our #Right2Rehab campaign seeks to raise awareness of this situation and partner with like-minded stakeholders and individuals to draw attention to the human and fiscal cost when access to appropriate, specialist SCI rehab is denied.

Through PR, marketing, networking and social media platforms, we aim to raise awareness of people’s #Right2Rehab both within and outside the spinal cord injury community.

We will also highlight that rehab input is needed for life – it is now widely accepted that there should be no ‘end date’ for rehabilitation. The central nervous system is always ready for input and gains can continue to be made – even many years after injury.

#Right2Rehab Aims

Funding support

Will you join us?
We want to work alongside like-minded stakeholders, charities, not-for-profit community-based businesses and healthcare groups, research institutes and individuals living with a spinal cord injury to amplify our voice and create supportive networks and communities. Importantly, we will be taking ACTION – by piloting, proving and scaling innovative community rehab models for the benefit of all.

We’re at the start of our journey but won’t rest until everyone in the United Kingdom can exercise their #Right2Rehab – irrespective of where they live or their financial status.

If you would like to add your voice to #Right2Rehab and support us in achieving our aims, please get in touch here.

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