Following a tragic car accident aged 4, Abby, from Israel, was left with a spinal cord injury (SCI) that meant she lost the use of her legs, bladder and bowel function. Her rehab programme at Neurokinex, combined with her positive and tenacious attitude, has seen her defy the odds and regain mobility, independence and the use of her lower body.

Life changed in minutes

In the Summer of 2021, Abby and her family were involved in a road traffic collision that instantly changed the trajectory of their lives. The disastrous incident resulted in the death of the family’s 1 year old son, Oliver, and led to Abby’s paralysing injuries.  

Following the accident, Abby received ICU surgery to both her front and back as well as having a spinal implant fitted. However, despite recovering well from her initial injuries, Abby lost the use of her lower body.

Finding hope

After going as far as they could with the wonderful medical care at home in Israel, the family found hope at Neurokinex. Desperate to help Abby regain some mobility and independence, the family uprooted and moved to the UK with funds raised through their GoFundMe page and in January 2022 Abby enrolled on an intensive 5 days a week course of therapy at Neurokinex Kids.

Speaking on the next steps of their journey, Abby’s father Vincent said: ‘Everything changed that day, everything was destroyed for us. However, we had hope that the Neurokinex therapy would help Abby gain improvement in her mobility, bowel and bladder function and therefore independence. The absolute dream is that one day Abby will be able to walk again. She’s amazing – we love her so much.’

Despite her full-time schedule, Abby’s enthusiasm for the centre has not dimmed throughout her time there and she thoroughly enjoyed working with her team of trainers every day. Since starting at Neurokinex Kids, she has developed strength in her core which means she is able to sit up straight and independently once again.

One of Abby’s dedicated trainers, Marilla Cameron said: ‘When she first started, whenever she would sit or stand she would need someone to hold her at her ribs, hips and knees. Within a few weeks, we only needed to support her at her knees: she has gained full trunk control which increases her independence and is really exciting for the future.’

Dedication led to progression

When not at the centre, Abby’s parents ensure she is continuing her walking exercises to ensure her progress continues. Due to her continued dedication to the rehabilitation, Abby was quickly able to perform these exercises without the support of her leg braces. This significant improvement also means she has grown in independence while at home and is now able to climb the stairs using her core strength and move around the house without the need for her wheelchair.

Abby’s experience at Neurokinex has not just allowed her to improve her physical health but it has made a huge difference to the whole family who are thoroughly enjoying watching Abby progress and steadily regain more and more independence.

‘Both myself and my wife, Lee, are incredibly grateful to the team at Neurokinex for their support over the last few months and most importantly for making each and every session with Abby fun and engaging for her, with each week bringing something new’  Vincent added.

Returning home

Six months after starting at Neurokinex, Abby and her family went back to Israel for some much-needed R&R with their loved ones. Abby returned to her home country with full trunk control and regained independence. Meanwhile, her parents returned with skills and insights gained from Neurokinex to help Abby on the next steps of her rehabilitation journey.

‘We have been made to feel very welcome at Neurokinex,’ says Vincent. ‘We have been able to use the last few months as an opportunity to learn more about Abby’s individual needs and the types of exercises we can offer her at home to maintain her progress.’

Intensive Rehabilitation

Abby returned for a two-month intensive programme with Neurokinex late in 2023 to solidify the progress she had made but also introduced advanced techniques tailored to her needs. Abby’s commitment to the programme resulted in further gains in her physical abilities and overall wellbeing as she continues on her path to recovery and independence.

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