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Our proposed Neurokinex Leeds site is in a race against time. We need to secure a final £250,000 very soon...

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Redefining Possibilities
Intensive Activity-Based Rehabilitation reframing recovery for adults and children living with partial or complete paralysis

Award-winning approach

Award-winning approach
Neurological activity-based rehabilitation challenges the entire body, not just the functioning muscles.
Our highly-skilled trainers use a combination of exercises and specialised equipment to stimulate the nervous system to strengthen existing and establish new neural pathways.
Our Intensive Rehabilitation maximises functional recovery while our Build & Sustain programme builds and maintains function and strength.

Adult Programmes

Our Intensive Rehabilitation and Maintenance programmes are the most diverse and inclusive available for people living with paralysis including spinal cord injury, stroke, brain injury, cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions in the UK.

Whether you’re looking to maximise your functional recovery or build and sustain your strength and fitness, we can create a programme for you.

Laura, L1 SCI

Jasper, SCI

Neurokinex Kids

Our purpose-built Neurokinex Kids facility aims to get children back to doing what they do best - having fun and exploring the world. Behind the ‘playground’ setting and the games we play lies our science-led activity-based rehabilitation protocols enabling children to develop, grow and be physically ready to welcome future neurological interventions.

Our mission is to improve people’s health, independence and wellbeing by exploring and unlocking the potential in individuals living with paralysis

Neuro-rehabilitation combined with exercise physiology

We combine excellence in neuro-rehabilitation with exercise physiology. Our rich, tailored programmes deliver weight-bearing activities, balance, stand and gait training, electrical stimulation, vibration therapy and more. Neurokinex clients enjoy a multitude of benefits. These include improvements in neurological function, muscle bulk and quality, cardiovascular health, strength and stamina, balance and trunk control, skin and bone health, range of motion and psychological wellbeing.

Our partners

We are affiliated to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation’s Neuro Recovery Network. This gives us access to unique rehabilitation protocols and insight into scientific developments and cutting-edge research only otherwise available in the USA.

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