About us

Specialised neurological rehabilitation for various forms of paralysis


Our vision is to make high quality rehabilitation and wellbeing programmes more accessible and inclusive for those living with various forms of paralysis.

We guarantee this high quality approach by constantly staying up to date with the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience. We passionately believe that delivering specialised neurological rehabilitation in a positive, safe and supportive environment can have a profound impact on the quality of life of someone living with paralysis.


Training experts in neurological rehabilitation



Jane Symonds

Jane Symonds – Clinical Lead & Centre Manager

Jane graduated with a BSc Hons in Physiotherapy in 2004 from King’s College London. She gained experience in the NHS for ten years, working in a wide variety of settings including Stroke Rehabilitation, Neuro-medicine and Neuro-surgery prior to specialising in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation at the London Spinal Cord Injury Centre for six years.

Jane joined the team at Neurokinex in 2014 and mixes clinical supervision of clients with developing the services offered by Neurokinex. Jane also acts as a link to the UK Spinal Cord Injury Centres, co-ordinating the free NHS referral scheme. She is HCPC and CSP registered and a member of ACPIN and MASCIP. Jane has spoken at national spinal cord injury conferences and forums, with the most recent at the Neurological Rehabilitation Expo in June 2016.

claire ryan

Claire Ryan – Trainer

Claire graduated from the Institute of Technology Carlow in 2014 with a BSc Hons in Sport Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy. Prior to joining Neurokinex in April 2017, Claire’s experience working in Ireland included roles with sports teams including Salthill Devon F.C., and in the UK with the London Senior Hurling Team, London Junior Football team and also within private practice in London. Her experience also includes working with adults with neurological conditions in a Hydrotherapy setting, where she gained a passion and interest for working with highly complex conditions and improving the lives of these people. She continues to apply her knowledge and expertise in rehabilitation at Neurokinex to achieve client’s goals and help to give them a better future.

joshua lydon

Joshua Lydon – Trainer

Josh graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a BSc Hons in Sport & Exercise Science in 2012. He is also an accredited Strength & Conditioning coach with the UKSCA. Before joining Neurokinex, Josh’s experience included roles with Performance Hertfordshire, England Netball and the English Institute for Sport. He assisted in the physical and sporting development of competitive athletes in settings including; Youth Academies, University Sport, Professional Sport, and Olympic sport.

Josh now applies his skills to a high level to those with neurological conditions and brings expertise in exercise testing.

jamie jones

Jamie Jones – Trainer

Jamie graduated from the University of Winchester with a BSc in Sports and exercise science in 2018. Prior to joining Neurokinex, Jamie had been a sports coach teaching sports to variety of ages and abilities as well as collecting qualifications along the way.

Throughout university, he completed research in Rehabilitation focusing on Gait training and the use of Robotic gait orthosis, which sparked an interest. He is keen to continue to learn and develop in the Neuro rehabilitation field, as well as applying his knowledge and experience to sessions here at Neurokinex.

stephen sims

Stephen Sims – Trainer

Stephen joined Neurokinex as an assistant trainer in 2014. Whilst working with us, he studied for his REPS level 3 Personal Training qualification and is now a full-time trainer here at Neurokinex. Prior to joining Neurokinex, Stephen’s background was in sports training. He was a lead coach for dodgeball and football teams and played football at a semi-professional level.

Stephen has adapted the skills from his previous experiences in competitive sports performance and coaching to benefit individuals with neurological conditions. He has had extensive hands-on experience on how to deliver activity based rehabilitation to individuals with all types of neurological conditions. Stephen brings a competitive spirit and positive mentality to the centre which helps his clients to fulfil their full potential.

Molly sykes

Molly Sykes – Intern

Molly Sykes is with us for a year-long internship as part of her undergraduate degree programme in Health and Exercise Science at the University of Bath. Her studies in Clinical Assessment and Exercise Physiology inspired her to undertake a neuro-rehabilitation placement.

Alongside her academic work, Molly has completed a Level 3 diploma in Sports Massage and coaches Ju-Jitsu. Whilst at Neurokinex, Molly hopes to learn more about the rehabilitation of neurological conditions as it is a field she would like to work in post-graduation.

Taylor Oram

Taylor Oram – Trainer

Taylor joined Neurokinex in 2014 as an intern whilst on a placement year from her undergraduate studies at the University of Hertfordshire. Taylor graduated with a BSc Hons in Sports Therapy in summer 2016 and has now joined our team full time.

Taylor is part of the Medical Team at Leyton Netball Club where she also plays for their Premier League team. She is a member of the Society of Sports Therapists, a qualified REPS Level 3 personal trainer and also provides sports massage sessions for clients at Neurokinex. Taylor has a keen interest in research and hopes to pursue this further by assisting with the exciting research projects due to start at Neurokinex.

amY clarke

Amy Clarke – Intern

Amy Clarke is a student from the University of Hertfordshire who is taking part in a yearlong internship as part of her undergraduate degree in Sports and Exercise Science. Within Sport and Exercise Science her many strengths lie within Training & Testing, Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics which inspired her motivation and interest to undertake a neuro-rehabilitation placement. During the year she will complete an Active IQ Level 3 Sports Massage course, which will help her progress further in the field of rehabilitation.

Amy is an accomplished Track and Cross-Country runner together with swimming, of which she is the University of Hertfordshire’s female Swimming Captain.

james mcleod

James McLeod – Trainer

James graduated from St Mary’s University, Twickenham with a BSc in Strength and Conditioning Sciences in 2017. Prior to joining the Neurokinex team in January 2018, James has worked within the NHS gaining experience with a range of neurological conditions, as well as working as a strength and conditioning coach within multiple sports including women’s football, swimming and judo. James is also a Level 3 qualified personal trainer and is a competitive boxer.


James uses both his clinical and non clinical experiences to provide effective rehabilitation strategies to those with neurological conditions.


jenny suggitt

Jenny Suggitt – Occupational Therapy Lead & Centre Manager

Jenny Suggitt is an occupational therapist from Chicago, Illinois who joined Neurokinex in April 2016 as centre manager for our newest location in Gatwick. Jenny received her Masters in Occupational Therapy in 2009 from Columbia University in New York City. Most recently, Jenny worked at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago where she treated a variety of neurological, developmental and orthopaedic conditions with a professional interest in spinal cord injury. Jenny is also a trained aquatic therapist as well as a Certified Lymphedema Therapist with specialisation in Breast Cancer Rehabilitation.

Jenny has spent the majority of her career working with children from birth through full development across all levels of complexity. She has worked in a variety of settings including inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient therapy and paediatric sensory integration gyms.

ellie minter

Ellie Minter – Intern

Ellie Is undertaking her year-long neuro-rehabilitation placement with Neurokinex as part of her undergraduate degree programme in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Bath. Her interest for undertaking this neuro-rehabilitation placement was formed through completing modules in functional anatomy, sports medicine and strength and conditioning. She is excited to be able to apply knowledge and previous experience in a specialist environment to help others. She has previous paediatric experience, having been a volunteer trampoline coach. Furthermore, she has significant competitive sport experience in trampoline gymnastics, netball and archery.

Marilla Cameron

Marilla Cameron – Trainer

Marilla Cameron came to Neurokinex from Brisbane, Australia with a degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology. She graduated in 2012 from Queensland University of Technology and began working with Sporting Wheelies and the Disabled Association and Spinal Cord Injuries Australia. Marilla has 3 years of experience working closely with various neurological conditions including: Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida and Multiple Sclerosis. Marilla moved to London in January 2016 and began work with Neurokinex Gatwick in May.

darcey inman

Darcey Inman

Darcey is with us for a year-long internship as part of her undergraduate degree programme in Sports Therapy at the University of Hertfordshire. Whilst at university, Darcey volunteered for several events, including London marathon and Cambridge half marathon, where she participated in giving pre/post massage. Darcey also did a work placement whilst in college, working at Valence school, a school for children and young people with physical disabilities, sparking her interest in working with the disabled. Darcey is a keen tennis player playing for Storrington women’s 2nd team and the universities women’s 1st team.

morgan Price-King

Morgan Price-King – Trainer

Morgan Price-King graduated with a degree in Sport Science in 2012 from Middlesex University. He worked within the sports rehabilitation and strength and conditioning fields before joining our Neurokinex Gatwick team in May 2016. As a trainer here, Morgan has been able to apply his own experiences within sport and integrate the scientific approach to biomechanics and physiology from his degree to the daily training sessions with clients. Morgan is also a fully qualified personal trainer with a special interest in adapted sports. With his background in rugby, Morgan is looking to become qualified too as a wheelchair rugby coach in the near future.

rocky Addison

Rocky Addison – Trainer

Rocky graduated with a degree in Sports Rehabilitation BSc from St Mary’s University, Twickenham in 2017 and joined the Neurokinex Gatwick team in August 2018. After graduating she worked with rugby teams providing injury management/ rehabilitation and pitch-side cover as well as running a private part time massage and injury clinic.

Rocky is looking forward to using both her clinical experience and previous experience with kids in sport to continue adding to the vast variety of rehabilitation that Neurokinex has to offer.

Tamsin Fitzgerald
tamsin fitzgerald

Tamsin Fitzergerald – Trainer

Tamsin graduated with a First Class degree in Sports Therapy from the University of Hertfordshire, which included a placement year at Neurokinex. Tamsin has previously worked with children who have autism and those with physical disabilities at Easter Seals Camp Woodeden in Canada which sparked an interest in paediatric rehabilitation. Tamsin has experience in pitch side first aid, massage and implementing rehabilitation programs in multiple sports such as Basketball, Netball and Football.
Tamsin is interested in pursuing research in neurological rehabilitation.


Becki drewett

Becki Drewett – Clinical Lead

Becki graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2006 with a BSc ( Hons) degree in Physiotherapy and later completed a MSc. She is registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, is a HCPC member in addition to being a member of ACPIN, MASCIP and APCP.

She has specialised in neurological & musculoskeletal physiotherapy where she has worked in acute hospitals, out-patient clinics and specialist regional rehabilitation units. She has worked with stable neurological conditions, progressive neurological conditions, acquired neurological conditions, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and in the area of pre and post neurological surgery. During her time working across the spectrum of care for neurologically impaired individuals she has also spent time working with injured armed forces personal to high performance athletic individuals.

Becki has had a life long passion for horses, continues to enjoy horse riding and working on her own personal fitness journey.

matt pollock

Matt Pollock – Trainer

Matt Pollock was with us for a year-long internship as part of his undergraduate degree programme in Sports and Exercise Sciences at the University of Bath. Matt’s interest in optimising human performance stemmed from his own experiences in competitive sports.

laurence green

Laurence Green – Intern

Laurence is with us on a year-long internship as part of his undergraduate degree programme in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Leeds.
Laurence’s interest in neurological rehabilitation stems from his studies in motor control and injury prevention. Since his studies began he has undertaken work in performance analysis with various Football and American Football teams. He is now looking to transition into the field of rehabilitation and injury, aiming to pursue a career or further study in either physiotherapy or neurological rehabilitation.