Neurokinex Step Up Appeal

COVID-19 has hit Neurokinex hard, forcing us to temporarily close our doors. The resulting loss of income has been devastating for the charity. At particular risk is our Newly Injured Scheme, which awards six free sessions to those newly injured or diagnosed and referred by the NHS.


Our Newly Injured Scheme is a lifeline for many, especially in those early weeks after injury or diagnosis when our support and help can be life-changing. However, it comes at a price, so without additional fundraising it is under serious threat of being withdrawn.


Client Challenges

We are honoured that several of our clients have stepped up to undertake a challenge for the Step Up Appeal. In doing so, not only are they raising essential funds to save our Newly Injured Scheme but they are showing through sheer strength and spirit how our work has helped them. For that we thank them all.



Our sincere hope


“Now, more than ever before, we need support from the public and hope that our Step Up Appeal will raise the necessary funds to keep our referral service going. We have a waiting list of hopeful beneficiaries and our wish is that by the end of July we have the funds in place to start them on our programme without further delay.” Harvey Sihota, founder, Neurokinex


To help protect this service, we have launched our Step Up Appeal to raise £25,000. Fundraising will take three forms:


Individual clients undertaking sponsored challenges

Generous donations from the public

Online auction at the end of July (details to follow)


Thank you