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Case Studies

Case Studies
We have plenty of wonderful stories that show the progress and promise of people who are enjoying the benefits of working with Neurokinex. Here you can read their stories, told in their own voices: simply click on their image to open up their full story.


David has survived not one, not two but three life-saving operations to remove a recurring spinal cord tumour in his neck. Undeterred by the physical and psychological challenges he has faced, David is now working with Neurokinex to restore mobility, strength and feeling after his most recent surgery in May 2016 left him paralysed down his left side.
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For many people coming up to a landmark birthday, their bucket list might include climbing a mountain, taking on a marathon or perhaps going on the holiday of a lifetime. However, for 50-year-old Marina, from Bexley in Kent, all she set out to achieve by her 50th birthday was to be able to walk 50 paces and to prove to herself – and others – that she had defied the
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Dan, from Medway in Kent, was on a night out with his friends on June 5t, 2016. However, this was no normal night out and Dan woke up at 5.30am lying in a ditch, having obtained a serious injury and unable to move.
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Christmas is a time for celebrating with family but in 2019 it was a very special one for Georgina (27) when she drove to her family home in Salisbury from where she now lives in Merthyr Tydfil. It will be the first time she makes this journey independently since a life-changing car accident in March 2017 left her paralysed from the waist down.
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The Christmas, young Imogen was 3, she was carried into her home by her father, allowed just a couple of days out of hospital. Paralysed by the rare disease Transverse Myelitis, an inflammation of the spinal cord, Imogen was very poorly. Just one year on, Imogen was back on her feet with support and making great progress. 
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Seven-year old Ella from Chichester is one feisty young lady.  She has defied the odds since the day she was born at 24 weeks weighing just 650g so when lockdown stopped her weekly rehabilitation sessions, you just knew that she and her parents, Rachel and Emma, would find a way through.
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Gee, 22, is making huge progress at Neurokinex – but the gains in her confidence, resilience and sense of social acceptance are every bit as important to her as the gains in her physical capabilities. Gee was just shy of her 18th birthday when she suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury in her neck when she fell backwards off a swing in a freak accident on September 22, 2016.
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Father of one James, 36, from Shoreham-by-Sea had the shock of his life on October 5, 2018 in a freak Olympic Weightlifting accident when performing a dynamic ‘snatch’ lift, the bar came down on his spine immediately paralysing him from the waist down. One year on, James has regained his strength and fulfilled his aim of lifting his two-year-old son – and lifting weights once again.
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In 2004 Sarah, 40, was driving along to meet her boyfriend for lunch, when she suffered a life changing road traffic accident which left her with incomplete tetraplegia, meaning she lost the use of her arms and legs.
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Jasper, 4, was fit and well before contracting Hand, Foot & Mouth disease at a party in November 2015. A rare complication saw this go to his heart and he was admitted to the Royal Brompton Hospital with dilated cardiomyopathy – an enlarged heart. He was put on life support but when the doctors brought him round, Jasper couldn’t move his legs: a blood clot had damaged his lower spinal
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Alfie was just a month old when a rare childhood tumour caused spinal cord compression and left him paralysed from the waist down.After almost two years, and supported with ankle splints, he began to stand using a frame. Specialist care at Stoke Mandeville Hospital continues to help Alfie in his rehabilitation twice a year, but now his mum has discovered specialist spinal cord injury rehabilitation centre Neurokinex nearer to home,
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Young Theo, 6, has four-limb dystonic cerebral palsy. His condition means he cannot walk unaided and is not always in control of his movements.  Despite the challenges of his condition, Theo is fiercely independent boy and will stop at nothing to gain a little control and independence. Since joining Neurokinex Kids Theo’s progress has taken several steps forward – literally
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Clint, 49, a police officer from Dunstable, nearly lost his life on January 15, 2016 in a motorcycle accident which left him with a broken neck, broken upper right arm and right shoulder, broken ribs, two punctured lungs, lacerations in his liver and multiple bleeds on his brain. Clint ‘died’ three times at the scene before being airlifted to Addenbrookes Hospital.
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Darren, 32, a trainee chef from Lewisham, South London has defied the odds – and professional expectation – to walk unaided nine years after a freak accident left him paralysed. Darren was enjoying a night out in London in 2009 when he was caught in crossfire: the gunshot wound to his spine left him paralysed from the waist down.
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Daniel, 30, from Tredegar, has regained 100% independence two years after suffering a life-changing spinal cord injury. He shattered his C5 vertebra in his back after diving into the sea at Weston-Super-Mare on August 13, 2016 while on a day trip to the seaside town with his teammates from Trefil rugby club. Despite appearances, the water was only knee deep: upon hitting the seabed, Daniel shattered his vertebra and was
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